Martha Wright

CFO Chiles Group 

Martha Wright was born and raised in Central Florida as a fifth generation Floridian.  She moved to Bradenton in 1979 and began working with banking and accounting companies.  In 1988, she earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Florida for her accounting degree.  

She was hired by Ed Chiles one Saturday in 1983 while taking her twin step-daughters to the beach as promised that day when he needed a bookkeeper right away.  This began a thirty three year long history with the Chiles Restaurant Group which grew from the Sandbar to Mar Vista.  With a short hiatus in the Employee Leasing Business with a new prospective on the growing industry, she returned to do contract services then moved into her Chief Financial Officer position again in 1998.  Returning with the addition of the Beach House proved to be a challenge with great rewards having the responsibility of the three restaurants plus Ed’s many other endeavors.  

Beginning in June 2019 she will be semi-retired with part time consulting services to oversee the security of assets as well as assist Ed in his personal investments.  She has continued to be a great asset to the Chiles Group and fondly considered a member of the Chiles Family.