Pine Avenue Logo. Pine Avenue is a historic boutique business district on Anna Maria Island.

Pine Ave Restoration

Initiated & Managing partner: Known as “Greenest little Main Street in America”

Pine Avenue Restoration is an idea born out of a desire to preserve the original vision for a Pine Avenue promenade and to protect the critical and extremely limited “historic boutique business district,” which runs the length of the street and, practically speaking, is the only remaining area on the entire island (and perhaps the entire gulf coast) where such a project is possible.

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Cortez Bottarga Logo.

Cortez Bottarga


The pristine waters of the Florida gulf coast off Anna Maria Island and connecting village of Cortez, are home to one of this country's last wild fisheries.  Cortez Bottarga was founded with the mission of working to support friends and family's way of life as fisherman and preserve it for the livelihood of future generations.  Upholding the cultural integrity and increasing economic development in the Gulf region, is part of our greater commitment to supporting fishing that ensures the ecological health of our oceans, their marine life and their surrounding communities.

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The simple yet clear LOLA wines logo.

Lola Wines


Lola wines are our signature wines and are featured in all three of our restaurants. Ed Chiles and Seth Cripe (owner-winemaker) partnered to bring Lola wines to the area and to the restaurants.

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The Waterline logo. The Waterline is a Marina Resort and Beach Club on Anna Maria Island.

Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club

Investor and partner in Waterline Project

A full-service boutique waterfront hotel located on Anna Maria Island. Waterline is “the level reached by water, visible as a line on a boat, beach or bank”. It is the line where two things come together and exist harmoniously in the same space. Relax, play, indulge and savor the good life on Anna Maria Island. Wherever you call home, you belong here.

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Poppo’s Taqueria Logo.

Poppo’s Taqueria

Partner and shareholder

Poppo’s Taqueria is a family owned and operated Mexican inspired restaurant. They trace their roots to the street food of San Francisco’s Mission District. Poppo’s offers unique, layered flavors through the use of real, fresh ingredients, hard work, and the passionate application of skill. 

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Worden Farm’s logo features a serif font and a basket packed with fresh produce.

Worden Farm


Worden Farm is an 85-acre certified organic family farm in Southwest Florida. 

Chiles Group supplies fresh produce from the farm to its waterfront restaurants (Mar Vista, Beach House and Sandbar). Worden Farm and the Chiles Restaurant Group stand as titans of our local food system. Whether it’s a market basket or a dinner plate they’re filling with freshness, both strive to  deepen customers connection to what they eat, the geographic source of that sustenance, and the people who produce it.

Eva and Chris Worden’s stewardship practices and Chiles’ culinary leadership and environmental culture unite for greater impact to this region, with positive influence toward sustainability on visitors and local residents.

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Shotgun Farms logo features a man holding a knife over his head while standing on the back of a large wild boar.

Shotgun Farms logo features a man holding a knife over his head while standing on the back of a large wild boar.


Shogun farms

The Chiles’ Restaurants are proud to partner with Shogun Farms and bring the finest tasting, naturally raised, wild caught Pork/Boar meat available.  

In a country of processed foods, hormones, grain fed animals and genetically modified, this is the best choice. Showgun Farm’s goal has been to provide the best naturally fed, clean and organic Wild Boar.

What’s the Difference Between Wild Boar and Pig?

It comes down to diet and exercise. Farm raised pigs are fed a homogeneous diet compared to that of wild boars which will give a more complex, deeper flavor. Wild boars are far more physically active than their farm raised counterparts which will alter their muscle/fat composition. Wild Boar are not kept in enclosures as are pigs. They are free to roam and forage for their food.

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A bowl of beautiful blueberries and a few green leaves overflows on to a rustic wooden table.

Jubilee Orchards

All three of the Chiles’ restaurants use Jubilee’s organic and hydroponic blueberries.  

We believe in offering a fun, celebratory environment that promotes a sense of togetherness and community for both our friends and staff. Through our sound environmental farming practices, we believe in offering quality products that are fresh, locally made and healthy. 

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Middle Tennessee State University logo

Middle Tennessee State University

Tennessee Center for Botanical Medical Research

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is working with a $2.5 M grant on hemp research.

The hemp research includes funding help from a $2.5 million grant from Greenway Herbal Products, founded by Ted LaRoche and Ed Chiles. LaRoche said that the company has also invested in a 34-acre hemp field that produced a 10-acre harvest at The Grove at Williamson.

The Tennessee Center for Botanical Medicine Research specializes in assessing the ability of nutritional supplements and pure compounds isolated from botanicals to act as antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal, antiviral, immunostimulant or immunosuppressant agents. They have thoroughly tested hemp extracts as well as the non-psychotropic cannabinoids that can be isolated form hemp extracts and found that they have very strong anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressant abilities. 

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